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NEW and UPDATED SHOW SCHEDULE! With recent cancellations and the addition of the MiRCHA show from October 9th-11th, we wanted to post the latest version of our schedule for the rest of the year. As always, these dates are tentative, so be sure to check our Facebook and Instagram for possible changes before you load up the trailer.

BBH (Tim Moore) shows
7420 Turk Road
Brooklyn, MI 49230

GLCHA shows at

Greg Flowers Ranch in Nashville, MI
9770 Butler Road
Nashville, MI 49073

MiRCHA produced show at the

Midland County Fairgrounds
6905 Eastman Ave
Midland, MI 48642
The date for cutting classes is

October 10th as posted.

 Pictures are in from our July  show.

We included some candid of our amazing members as well as a photo of each of our

Youth riders since they do awesome every time they walk to the herd!

We also want to congratulate

Eric Field, our GLCHA Secretary, on finally being able to show his mare

Blu Light Special at a GLCHA show!

In addition, we would like to welcome new members

Julie Bridgman, Bryce Lubbers, and Hannah Duncan to GLCHA.

They did great at the show and we look forward to seeing them again later this season! 
🐮 Thank you everyone who came out and battled the heat with us!

See ya'll in a couple weeks!

Courtney Overstreet

on Sensationally Blue

Bryce Lubbers

on Docs Sweet N Stylish

Crystal DeWitt

on Tears of Faith

Eric Field 

on Blu Light Special

Hannah Duncan

on Meradas Neon Blue

Jamie Grassman

on Cool Hand Cat

Joe Grassman

on Time For A Rose

Ryan Grassman

on Wood Be Bossy

Summer Dow

on Cats Quixote Amanda

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Images featured on the site provided by Shelby Agnew at sm.agnew.photography@gmail.com

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