A great weekend for GLCHA at the MiRCHA show!

Amanda Powell

Crystal Dewitt

Courtney Overstreet

We loved seeing new faces from the cowhorse crowd along with our regular cutters who made it out for one last GLCHA show this year. Congratulations everyone on making it through an unusual, yet fantastic season! 
🐮 While we do not have many photos from the weekend (our social media manager was busy showing with us and reined cowhorse), check out TM Photography and Design for all your professional winning pictures from the weekend! You also have access to free videos from your runs through the MiRCHA, but if you would like videos filmed straight on from the judge's perspective, please contact Andrea Becker, our official NCHA certified videographer. 
🐮 Additionally, we are very proud of three of our GLCHA Youth who participated in the MiRCHA costume class Saturday night. Myla Hochstein and Ryann and Joey Grasman put together a couple of creative costumes! Even the Grasmans' dog, Murphy, put his outfit on. We are not sure how he felt about it, but Myla's horse "Spoon" and Ryann's horse "General" are definitely a couple of saintly geldings. Not to mention, they were each busy showing with us all day! 
🐮 Furthermore, we would like to congratulate our GLCHA members who absolutely killed it in the reined cowhorse! 
🏆 Starting off with Crystal DeWitt and her famous 2019 Congress cutting champion Oh Why Not who WON the whole Non-Pro MiRCHA weekend! She received a saddle for the overall high score, a trophy for the Non-Pro Limited class, and a buckle for the Non-Pro Herdwork. Way to go Crystal and Ivy!! 🎉
🏆 Congratulations Joey Grasman on winning the Youth Herdwork class! 
🏆 Congratulations Courtney Overstreet on winning the 2 Handed Rookie class and the Non-Pro Hackamore! 
🏆 Congratulations Amanda Powell on winning the Non-Pro Select Boxing class! 
🏆 Not pictured is Shelby Agnew who tied for first in the Non-Pro Boxing! 
🎉 It is so awesome to hear that some of our cutters stepped into the cowhorse (as well as the costume) pen and had a successful and fun time! 
🐴 Thank you MiRCHA for having us! We hope to see y'all next year!

Joe Grasman

Hot Dog Grasman

Ryan Grasman and

her little pony

 Pictures are in from our July  show at Broke Back Hills

We included some candid of our amazing members as well as a photo of each of our

Youth riders since they do awesome every time they walk to the herd!

We also want to congratulate

Eric Field, our GLCHA Secretary, on finally being able to show his mare

Blu Light Special at a GLCHA show!

In addition, we would like to welcome new members

Julie Bridgman, Bryce Lubbers, and Hannah Duncan to GLCHA.

They did great at the show and we look forward to seeing them again later this season! 
🐮 Thank you everyone who came out and battled the heat with us!

See ya'll in a couple weeks!

All photos by Shelby Agnew

Richard Becker

on Mikaela

Tally Hartranft

on Captain Woodrow

Tyler Delange

on Maverick Cat

Courtney Overstreet

on Sensationally Blue

Bryce Lubbers

on Docs Sweet N Stylish

Crystal DeWitt

on Tears of Faith

Eric Field 

on Blu Light Special

Hannah Duncan

on Meradas Neon Blue

Jamie Grassman

on Cool Hand Cat

Joe Grassman

on Time For A Rose

Ryan Grassman

on Wood Be Bossy

Summer Dow

on Cats Quixote Amanda


Rick DuBay Memorial Youth Scholarship


It was all about the youth with our

GLCHA Hall of Famer Rick DuBay.

In honor of his dedication to the youth and the cutting horse, the DuBay/Delange family has asked GLCHA to help put together a scholarship program to start next year.

We’re off to a great start with a lot of contributions to fund this program, and thanks to all those donors! In addition, we’re planning some fund raisers for next year to add to the pot so stay tuned, but more donations are always welcome to help keep it going year-after-year.


Details on Youth page

Our wonderful sponsors

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Call us:



Images featured on the site provided by Shelby Agnew at sm.agnew.photography@gmail.com

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