Meet your Area 15 Youth Director - Myla Hochstein

Last Summer, Myla Hochstein was
elected Area 15 Youth Director after
Shelby Agnew aged out.

A big congratulations goes to Myla as she is one of our own! 


Myla is also our
GLCHA Youth Adviser In-Training
while Shelby continues to serve as
main Youth Adviser.

We are so excited to have Myla!

Myla and Shelby have also been busy
raising money for GLCHA Youth programs
by returning Michigan bottles and cans. In
just their most recent trip to the store,
they raised $236! They have raised
hundreds of dollars together for our Youth
with the help of everyone who graciously donated bottles and cans.

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Meet Your Youth Adviser - Shelby Agnew

Shelby Agnew is our GLCHA Youth Adviser as well as a GLCHA board member.

While she is often preparing for shows and attending school at Oakland University, she is deeply committed to finding ways to promote our Youth. Shelby is developing plans for next year's Youth, so be on the lookout for some great cutting opportunities geared toward the futures of our sport!

Shelby once wrote, "As cliche as it may sound, I truly believe that we are a wonderful association to be part of and even though I am in the middle of college, I truly want the absolute best for the futures of Michigan along with the entirety of the NCHA."

If you would like to contact Shelby regarding questions or concerns about Youth classes or programs, feel free to email her at

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Rick DuBay Memorial Youth Scholarship


It was all about the youth with our GLCHA Hall of Famer Rick DuBay. In honor of his dedication to the youth and the cutting horse, the DuBay/Delange family has asked GLCHA to help put together a scholarship program to start next year.

We are off to a great start with a lot of contributions to fund this program, and thanks to all those donors! In addition, we are planning some fund raisers for next year to add to the pot so stay tuned, but more donations are always welcome to help keep it going year-after-year.

Here are the details at this time for the program:
• First award of $750 for the high point GLCHA youth for the 2020 GLCHA approved show season.
• Second award for $250 for the reserve high point GLCHA youth for the 2020 GLCHA approved show season.
• Youth must be a 2020 GLCHA and NCHA member in good standing.
• The youth must walk to the herd in at least 1/3 of the approved GLCHA shows during the 2020 GLCHA show season.
• Award certificates will be given at the GLCHA Awards Banquet at the conclusion of the show season.
• The awards will be held in escrow in the youth’s name with the NCHA Foundation to be redeemed at a later time and payable to the youth’s college or university.

If you would like to also contribute to the scholarship program, please write and send your checks to GLCHA at (and note on the memo line “DuBay Scholarship”) 

DuBay Scholarship c/o GLCHA
10279 Fieldstone Ct.
Goodrich, MI 48438

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